Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Amish TV

Just some things I've found amusing the last few days. In the midst of the mess any humor found is good.

Three yo ds insists on telling everyone about his new "shoot gun" (water pistol).

DD 5 has a b-day on the 24th. She is asking for "an old crown with real jewels. Not a cheap tacky one mom." Geez, maybe too many dollar store gifts?

Finally, because we have no TV and I won't let the kids play outside while cement mixers and backhoes are tooling around the back yard, we all sit in the kitchen watching the Amish construction guys dig, float cement, etc. DS 10 has dubbed this "Amish TV". I hear them talking in the other room "hey, when this game of Yugioh is done, wanna go watch Amish TV?"

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