Wednesday, August 25, 2004

More Proof I'm an Oddball

Once in awhile it occurs to me that even though I feel quite normal, maybe even old fashioned I am actually "different". So far this week:

1. I couldn't join in the discussion of how expensive new school clothes are because I've sent mine to school in their perfectly good sandals and shorts from this summer.
2. I have told the kindergarten teacher "No, it is not a mistake that I didn't send in the requested 12 glue sticks. When she runs low let her tell me. She has not used 12 glue sticks in her whole life."
3. Yes, I understand the ramifications of being "incompletely vaccinated" and just give me the paper so I can sign the waiver.
4. No (again to the kindergarten teacher) I won't be running in her forgotten homework folder. If she gets in trouble this time maybe she won't forget it next time.
5. Yes, I see the baby is walking and about to fall. It won't hurt her, really.
6. I just need to know when to pick up dd from the cross country meet not directions to the other school.
7. No, we won't be attending (fill in the blank) we need family quiet time.

And finally
8. My children WILL NOT be participating in the school fundraiser. We and all the people we know already own enough useless geegaws and I refuse to have my kids shill for some company getting rich on the backs of little kids. Oops! I'm positive the last comments got me filed in the Oddball Parent file at school. Perhaps I shouldn't have unloaded at the PTO meeting, LOL!

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