Monday, August 16, 2004

I don't wanna say goodbye to the summer....

My kids are desperately cramming in fun before the start of school. Tonight we are "camping" in the backyard.

What could be better than running around with flashlights and sneaking candy (do they really think I don't know)? Sometimes living in a dinky "Mayberry" town is worth it. I could never let them do this in a big city.

On Saturday we went to some garage sales. DD L who will be 6 next week saw a pink/purple bike. She asked if I could get it for her birthday present. Since it was all of $5.00 I magnanimously said yes. She is so pleased. Somehow we just never got around to getting her one and everyone elses are too big. She is happy.

Today I got her a helmet so she can ride along the street with my supervision. This is the boring part where I tell the story of how my ds was hit by a car while riding his bike. He broke the windshield with his head. It cracked his bike helmet. I'm convinced if he hadn't been wearing it we would be visiting him in a neuro ward. Be a nag and make them wear the helmet. Ok, end of lecture :-)

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Chris said...

Say goodbye to summer??? has it even arrived yet? LOL

What a strange strange summer it has been.
And we always wear bike helmets here too. My 8 yr old flipped over his handle bars last month and cracked his helmet. His face also got major road burn, but he was saved any severe damage by that helmet.