Tuesday, August 03, 2004

One Of Those Days

You know the saying "Somedays the sh*t falls down so hard you need a hat."? Well today I needed a sombrero! Nothing huge just tons of little things.
They tore off my former utility room today, sending clouds of really gross dust and dirt everywhere. It was very hot and humid and I couldn't put on a fan because it just pushed the dirt and dust around more. I just gave up and went outside. There was no point in trying to clean it up until they were done. I now have a lovely blue tarp where my wall used to be. Because it was so hot I decided as a treat I'd take the kids to a local swimming spot in what used to be a quarry. It has a shallow sandy spot put in for little kids and the biggers can go dive off a raft. All was well until 5yo dd L decided to have the mother of all fits. I mean a screaming, crying, running away, throwing yourself down, slapping, head spinning fit!!! (Ok, maybe her head didn't spin but it was close.) I've seen many fits but this just might take the cake. And the topper is nobody seems to know what the problem was. So I'm sure we made a lovely picture...Me trying to carry screamming dd (after I managed to get ahold of her), 12yo dd carrying baby, 10yo ds carrying 3yo, 8yo ds and 8yo babysitting child loaded with towels, noodles and a baby boat. Sigh.... I sent 5yo to her room where she passed out from exhaustion underneath her bed, wiped, wiped, and wiped the kitchen and am now enjoying a much deserved beer. Hopefully tomorrow I'll feel I'm raising loving children and not the girl from the Exorcist.

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O_Scientist said...

Awww Lisa, don't you just hate it when they behave like that???? A few months ago, I had my 7yo scream scream scream scream scream for a way too long time, in the van, with the mils present nonetheless...

Hope tomorrow is much much better for you!