Friday, August 13, 2004

Is It October?

I'm not sure what the deal is with the weather. It was 47 degrees last night. I'm ready to build a fire and make cocoa for heaven sake when I should be having a midnight swim and iced tea! The construction goes on and on.... I did discover the original door frame. Why oh why did people "update" in the '70's. It is all carved and has a transom. It is really cool but not in such great shape after being stuck under aluminum siding for 30 years. Maybe I can take the lintel piece and pry it off to make some sort of wall art. I'm not sure.
I got the kid's back packs ready with all the school supplies they needed. I cannot believe they go back to school on Wednesday. I suppose it will get nicely hot when they return. I so don't want them to go back. It's nice to have them all around and not have to live on the school's schedule. I strongly considered calling the school and telling them not to look for my kids before Labor Day, lol! Seriously, oldest dd E will be in the 7th grade. She has asked about home schooling but I'm afraid I'd end up letting it slide or be so afraid of letting it slide I'd become a homeschool nazi. We'll see. I've been fighting a bad case of baby fever today. Mel is just so darn cute I can't imagine not having another. Dh really is concerned about his age though..., we'll see, men can be weak ;-)

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