Saturday, December 11, 2004

Happy Birthday!!

Sunday December 12 C will be 9 years old. Here he is with two other Cub Scouts after they walked for 3 hours collecting food. He is on the left.

C was my easiest baby. He only nursed about 6 times a day as a newborn. Slept through the night at 3 months, was happy to be by himself. He made up for this in his toddler years. He had a very low tolerance for frustration and didn't mind letting everyone know it. He is VERY good in Math and also does well in all the other school subjects. He adores game cube, game boy and his older brother. He has always had trouble socially. He is improving some and this year seems to have some friends. C has chosen a Subway sandwich as his birthday meal and will follow that with a double layer chocolate cake. No designs please but it must be double layer. It can be difficult to hold a conversation with him unless the conversation involves facts. He likes facts but.... sometimes he'll look up and say "I love you." Can't beat that.

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Mrs. Darling said...

The name of your blog caught my eye so I had to drop by. I'm one of nine kids but I only have three of my own. I have no idea how you all do it with all these kids. You must be super mom! I have a sister with twin boys and two girls and another with 7 boys and four girls. I stopped at three because I just can't manage that many kids. You're a true goddess. My hats off to you!