Friday, December 17, 2004


Well, I survived six basketball games, the concerts, the Cub Scout carry in. I only have to make it through C's party tomorrow. Then....YEAH!!! the kids are home from school. I love Christmas homework, no classes, no games, just hanging out. It is a little respite. I think we'd get tired of it all the time but for two weeks it's heaven. Hopefully we'll make some snow flakes from here Thanks to Chris for the idea. We also have the gingerbread house to create, or fight about depending on how the mood strikes them.
Two other things I've learned this week
Advent Candles are evidently very tasty

And those with a clean conscience and a pure spirit can sleep in any position

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chel said...

The picture of spiderman was sooo cute. Can't seem to understand how they sleep in those positions:-)