Friday, December 10, 2004

Work on Ignore

The tree is still sitting in the garage, the mixer hasn't been turned on , the toys are all over and let's not even talk about all the painting that needs done but... so far this morning I have bathed one very snotty, poopy kid and made a mental note to put toys in my next bath. Judging by all the squealing it is big fun. I have been treated to "restaurant" and "hair cutter store" by 6yo. True I'm now back-teased and have blue eyeshadow but I got a scrumptious meal of spinach, biscuits and tea. Not to be outdone a small spiderman has been leaping all over the furniture yelling... "web shoot, web shoot". Nope, I haven't got a smidgen of work done but so what? *continues to click the ignore button*

1 comment:

Jody said...

Too funny. It sounds to me like a heavenly day.

I too am pushing the ignore button. Mia has been sick, so we have spent some long hours all weekend chest to chest on the couch napping while the boys play around us. Today it is just she and I and we will do more of the same.

I have the tree up, with ornaments all over the floor and coffee table. I asked the kids if we could have a tree with just lights this year, but that didn't go over well! We are decorating slowly but surely!