Tuesday, December 14, 2004

This Week

Ahh, the last week of school before Christmas. When all activities try to squeeze just a little more in... On the itenerary this week 6 (yes 6) basketball games, dance class party, kids choir practice at church (we'll be missing this but I feel guilty), winter band concert, winter choir concert, 5th grade Colonial Day, Cub Scout Christmas party and C's birthday party in which I will be taking five 9yo boys swimming. Can you feel the joy? Actually this stuff is not that out of the ordinary what is really bugging me is dh. Ok, I love my husband, I really do (needed to put in that disclaimer) but he is annoying the bejeebers out of me. He is always borrowing trouble and worrying about things out of his control. Then he gets grumpy and touchy and mean. He does this every year at Christmas *sigh*. I know my mindless "it'll all work out somehow, we'll deal with it, not the end of the world" attitude probably drives him nuts. But hey, I'm right!!!

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Griffmama said...

Being the touchy, worry about everything type that your dh is, I somehow chose a husband who's pretty laid back. For the most part, he helps me "chill", but there are times I'd like to punch on him for not getting all worked up like me.... I guess in the long run, there's a damn good reason we have different personalities... improves the overall sanity level in the household!