Tuesday, December 07, 2004

More Than A River in Egypt

Hmmm, 18 days until Christmas!! My denial has been working really well up until now but, tomorrow I venture forth to start buying...presents. Lots and lots of presents. How if we don't go overboard did we end up with so many things to get? It's not the kids per se. It's the fact that school classes, dance classes, pre-school classes, teachers all need to be bought for. (OK, I know I could be a real Scrooge and opt the kids out of school parties but that would really give them fodder for their future therapy appointments.) Then it's on to extended family. Something mailable is in order. I did order stuff from the net but some things I need to see or is such piddly dollar store stuff that you have to actually go to the store to get it. I must do these things tomorrow while dh has a day off. Taking kids to the mall is beyond my powers of patience or maybe I just don't have a strong masochistic streak. Yep, tomorrow is it for free days. As for decorating... I am ardently trying to convince everyone here that a candle in the window is decorating. I was informed by L that she is the only kindergarten student whose family does not have a tree up. More therapy fodder there. Oh, and double crap, C's birthday is Sunday.


Chris said...

Tell L we don't have our tree up yet either! LOL

Suzanne said...

I got the tree up. It took me four days of it sitting in the LR in boxes. The nativity scene has been sitting in it's box for over a week in my LR. I'm about to tackle that now, though I find myself blogging. Hm..

I live in Indiana. I was wondering what part of Indiana you currently occupy!?! :) You can email me at: suzanne@eusevia.com