Thursday, April 28, 2005

Another Advantage to TOK

I was called for jury duty today. The case is 70 miles away and I would have been bussed each day. Now, I have no problem with doing my civic duty but a 7-6 day for 4 weeks is a bit more duty than I had in mind. When they asked if anyone had a reason to be deferred I raised my hand. I explained that there was no babysitter, no daycare, no relatives close by. It was either me or pull 7th grade dd out of school for a month. After the usual attempts at humor by the judge and prosecutor (Gee, that's a full time job. You must have to lease a cow.) and gasps from the room (sigh...yes, SIX) I was excused. I wanted to turn around and tell them about all my cyber-friends with LOTS more kids than me, but it seemed prudent to say thank you and scat. And so I did.

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Paula said...

A LLLeader here in MI has been working hard on a "family friendly" jury duty bill. This is an important issue for anyone who is a primary caretaker of someone. Women have actually been fined and jailed for contempt of court for either being unable to serve due to childcare issues or for bringing their children with them.

I was excused by an incredulous court clerk who asked me, "You don't have a babysitter?"

"Only an occasional teen, and they are in school all day."

"Fine, I'll excuse you for hardship."

It's amazing how unsupportive of stay-at-home motherhood our society is.