Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring Break

The kids are on spring break this week. Amazingly the weather has been pleasant. Sunday S had a friend over. Monday we wernt to Pizza Hut (a big deal) and a park. Tuesday we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum. It was even better than the last time we were there. They had added new exhibits and a "dinosphere" which was very cool. Today we ran some errands, ate at Ponderosa (can you tell eating out is a big thing for us) and went bowling. The kids are outside now. It is clouding up. Tomorrow is E's birthday. I'm taking her and two of her friends shopping at the "chi-chi poo-poo" shopping mall in Fort Wayne, then they will stay the night. Friday I'm going to a La Leche League conference in Indy, Saturday is a baseball game and Sunday is a carry-in at church. I'll need a break from all this vacationing.

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