Thursday, April 14, 2005

Two Feet

That's approximately how far away from home dh was when he had an accident. Argh!!! He was turning into our drive when some 16yo kid (going too fast) passed him on the right, took out dh's tail light, then drove through our yard, narrowly missing our flagpole, porch and van. He made wonderful tire tracks through the front. Then came the two hour wait for the police. Ah, dh was in such a good mood by then. At least none of the kids were in the front yard playing. Dh now has an attractive swath of duct tape holding the light reflector in. We only paid $1000 for the car so it's not like it's worth putting $250 into repair.
The seasons are moving on. Next week starts baseball/t-ball/softball practice. Ds has a Boy Scout camporee to get ready for, dd is in a play at school that they are performing for an Arts Festival and the girls are finishing up for their dance recital at the end of next month. Before I know it I'll be complaining about heat and humidity and mosquitoes. but for today I sat in the yard and watched the 50lb of sand I put in the sand box mostly disappear. *note-most of it seems to have ended up on the laundry room floor and Mel's diapers. Seems to me that would chafe!

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JellyMom said...

Thank goodness everyone is okay! What a scare that would have been!