Friday, April 08, 2005


Yesterday I officially became a parent of a teenager. E turned 13 at 7:37pm, but we let her celebrate all day, lol. I took her and 2 of her friends on a shopping expedition. A loooonnnggg day. I'm pretty sure there wasn't a store they didn't hit. They bargain shopped though, so that was good. I made a chocolate lava cake which was a big hit. They played basketball with the neighborhood guys until about 10pm and the last I saw of them they were watching movies. Now if I can just get through the next 19 years I'll be done with teens. Hey, I ought to be good at it by then.
Today I am at a La Leche League conference in Indianapolis. You've got to love computers in hotels. Mel thinks the sight of a 'puter means it's time to nurse so here we sit. Maybe I should vary our routine a little at home? But this is my excuse to be on line. If you can't nak where can you? ;-)
A side note to Paula. I rushed out of the house without your cell number. Somehow at 5:30am this morning I was just trying to get out the door.


JellyMom said...

Chocolate lava cake??? Will you post the recipe!

ma said...

Happy Birthday E!

Congrats on being a teen mom. At least now she'll be acting her age ;-)

Cake sounds cool. I'll mention it to my cake baking teen.

You don't like icecream? I thought the only people that didn't like it were lil' ones until they got over the fact it was a bit too cold lol. Its not something I missed on my low fat diet but I can't say that I don't like it.


Bernadette said...

A La Leche League conference--what fun! Congrats on your teenager! Your kind ear will be put to the test now!