Friday, April 01, 2005

10,000 Steps My ...

well padded fanny. The current theory is that if people will just take 10,000 steps daily they most likely will have a healthy weight. I bought a cheap pedometer a couple weeks ago. It kept saying 12,000 or more steps daily. "This must be a piece of junk" I said to myself. "Self, you must purchase a better, more expensive pedometer." Such a pedometer was purchased on Tuesday. I could have saved my money because it says , right now, (and I"m not even in bed yet) 15,316. I must be eating alot because today was a pretty average day. How depressing, what am I going to have to walk, a marathon daily, to lose weight??? Argh! I am down another pound but that seems pretty measly. Of course, I'm conveniently having a black out about Easter candy and birthday cake.

I'm posting a link to this site because I've had so many days like that, but blessedly this was not one of them.

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Chris said...

I always wondered how many steps I walk in a day. But I'm not sure I could add anymore unless I walked around while I ate and paced in the shower ;-)