Thursday, October 07, 2004

Better Day

Well, F made it through pre-school without bullying anyone! Yeah! Now to make it through 56 more days bully free! I think the fact that the fire truck visited today and he got to climb on the truck and honk the horn helped. None of my kids are good at sitting still. Right now he is playing the part of Pinky Pie and Mel is playing Cotton Candy as designated by L who is directing their little pony picnic.

This is E running in her last cross country meet. She ended up 10th which I thought was pretty good for the county. I'm sure it's waaaay better than I could do.
I had a teacher conference at school last night with L's teacher. She is doing well and seems to be well versed in what is needed for k-garten. She is starting to read simple words . Now if the other three conferences go that well next week. I'm sure I'll hear the same old things E is so responsible, C has a gift for math and no social ability and S is shown by tests to be soooo bright but will not concentrate in class. At least they aren't biting people ;-)
On the house front, we are half sided and the dry wall is up. It's not taped and mudded yet but it's taking shape.

I need to go buy paint and light fixtures. I picked my bathroom cabinets today. He had all these books and looked positively dissapointed when I said "Plain white please." I'm just deficient in the decorating gene.

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