Monday, October 25, 2004


So, just some random stuff here. Dry wall is really a pain to prep and paint. Can we say !dusty!. Of course, my lung function is worth saving the $1200 that the contractor budgeted to paint it. We're getting down to the end here. I need to paint, the floor will be here in 3 weeks, after that the electrician can come back and wire the heaters, lights, etc. The gutters need hung outside. The door ways and other trim needs put up, and as you can see in the pictures below the kitchen wall needs drywalled. I refuse to live with green styrofoam. On Sunday we had my family over for cake. Mel was 1 on 10/20, my dad was 77 on 10/22, my SIL had a birthday on 10/23 and today is me and dh's 18th anniversary. And they said it wouldn't last {smirk}. Here is the 'party' and my horrible kitchen walls.

DD is now bugging me to teach her how to download from itunes. The kids are home today for records day. I treated them to lunch at Pizza Hut. This a big deal for kids who don't go out much. We also went to get Mel her 1 year shots but they were out of MMR vaccine so we went to the park instead. All in all a pretty good day.


ma said...

Happy Anniversary!!

We've been married 18 years too. It's been a good year. I hope you have the same.

Looks like a lot of fun is going on in those pictures :-)

Griffmama said...

And to think that I was there at the big wedding at your apartment on Pleasant Run Parkway all those 18 years ago! God, how time passes!

Bernadette said...

Happy Anniversary! Pizza, a party, and the park?! A pretty good day, indeed!