Sunday, October 03, 2004

Orchard Trip

It was a beautiful day (and yesterday was a loss, explain that later) so we went to the orchard!! It was sunny and the temp was perfect. The kids looked like advertisements for wholesomeness! Such exictement over the "perfect" apple. There was much running and giggling. We also made a spectacle of ourselves. We always do. The older boys spied apples high up. They were on thin branches so the obvious thing to do is hoist your 3 yo brother up to get them. I have never understood how my children can be so mediocre at sports but excel at climbing. So mom here comes around the corner and sees F hanging waaaaay out there on a TWIG. Of course I had 25# chunky baby in a sling so my run was slow motion. But hey, why should mom worry, afterall, 10 year old was hanging on to his one ankle. Obviously I am an overprotective nut. At least that seemed to be their concensus. I did bring my camera but neglected to test those pesky batteries so no pics to share :-(

Yesterday was a loss because dh and I spent 8 hours tearing out a breakfast bar, glued on carpet, 2 subfloors and 3 layers of linoleum that we counted. Oh, and endless passes over the floor pulling up nails. My knees are bruised from crawling around and my hands.... well, it's just a good thing I don't spend money on manicures. Now I am at the mercy of the subfloor gods. Until then we will be living with some circa 1930 chipped linoleum. It's a good thing Martha is in jail and won't be coming over ;-)

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