Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Will They Notice

So I'm sitting here with a headache and sore throat reading blogs. I was reading Chris' blog and was relieved others guestimate those milestones. I got Mel's baby book down to put 1st birthday cards inside and saw all those blank pages. I made up some dates just so she won't have that to report to her future therapist too. I hope they remember that I was always willing to play ball or badmitton, let them color their hair, climb way too high in trees, served ice cream for breakfast and tried to only stress about the big stuff. I don't always succeed but I hope they at least notice I tried. I guess we'll know how successful I was when I see if I rate a nice nursing home or get left at the bus station.

For excitement today I nearly electroduted myself. I was putting the panels over the breaker boxes since I am done painting the utility room. I heard a bzzzt, felt a tingle and all the power went out in the house. I'm still not sure whether I pushed on something or crosses some wires or what. It was excitement I could do without.

Well, time to pick up dd from basketball practice. Sigh... seems too early to be starting "winter" sports. Can't we have a summer do over???

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