Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Happy Birthday to Mel!

My baby is one today. I can't believe how, not sad exactly,( but maybe nostalgic or wistful would be the word )that I feel. Where did the baby go???
Here she is doing her favorite thing, unloading the kitchen cabinets.

Her "today" cake. We'll have family over Sun for a nicer one.

It took her no time to decide she liked chocolate cake.


ma said...

Happy Birthday Mel!!

Amazing how fast the year goes and how much they change.

Sarah said...

Happy birthday Mel!
She's a cutie.

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Mel!!!
My baby seems to have the same favorite pastime of emptying out the cabinets. LOL

Griffmama said...

Happy birthday, Mel! It's so amazing how quickly they grow. I was complaining recently that I remember putting in an order for a baby not too long ago. Griffin's a busy little boy right now, and my baby seems long gone! I know you've talked about having # 7, but can I just say that having 1 is exhausting!! (That full-time management job doesn't do much to increase my energy level on the homefront...)

Jody said...

Happy Birthday Mel!

They sure do grow up fast!

Very cute!