Saturday, October 30, 2004

Halloween in Perfect

The title refers to television advertisements from Walgreens I think, anyway... So far Halloween festivities are going well. Last night I took all the kids to the Boy Scout hot dog roast. One of E's friends was there because her little brother is a cub scout so she was happpy. We then took all the boys down town (You have to realize I live in a very small town, think Mayberry). The town was having it's Scarecrow Festival. Local businesses, schools, groups, etc create scarecrows to decorate downtown. The street is closed and all the businesses have games or treats or something for the kids to do. There was apple bobbing, donut on a string, hoola hooping, pumpkin decorating, wheel of fortune, you get the idea. We took all the boys on the haunted hayride. Lots of fun, lots of screaming. I then let everyone 8 and up wander around for awhile on their own while I took the youngest 3 around. I had 2 extra kids because they had no ride home. We met 45 minutes later and everyone had a good time. Today was pretty good. I got out the box with the costumes from lo' these many years plus anything I've picked up and garage sales and stuff given to us. We tend to be the dropping place for lots of stuff people don't know what to do with. We are having "Pumpkin Princess" E in a really atrocious orange formal from somewhere, S a hunchback monster, C a racecar driver or ninja, L a fairy princess- a gown with wings, wand and crown, F will be a dinosaur and Mel will be a cow. It is a very cute outfit some seamstress (this would NEVER be me) made and the treat bag is an udder. I will of course be Professor McGonigal. I need to get a new outfit. We carved our pumpkin. Note that was singular. This did not please the kids but it's what dh came home with. He doesn't get they'd all rather have a microscopic pumpkin that they don't have to share rather than a huge one that someone else gets to have input on. Tonight S went to a party so I'll at least have to stay awake long enough to pick him up. Tomorrow I'm teaching Sunday School so I'll probably take them treating at church and of course Trick or Treating tomorrow night followed by A Charlie Brown Halloween...because I want to see it, I don't think the kids really care. I hope they are up for school Monday. Maybe we'll just all lie around the house with insulin shock instead.

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