Tuesday, February 01, 2005

About That Resolution..00

I seem to remember saying we were going to slow down. This week and last are showing that we're breaking that resolution. It just has seemed to be "the perfect storm" of things to do. I won't even go into last week but this week includes. Mon-2 dance lessons at 6 and 8:15, basketball practice from 5:15 to 6:45 and a 7:00 o'clock basketball game. You'll notice this means I needed to be several places at one time. This involved lots of driving back and forth and leaving the littles in the van, since taking in and out of seats is the time consuming part. Yesterday I also had to return some things to a store (2 wasted hours) and did the taxes (ick!). Tonight is basketball practice and a basketball game. Wednesday is basketball practice, Kid's Klub at church and my ds's birthday. Thursday basketball game. Friday ds #3 basketball game, sleepover birthday party for ds #2, cub scout meeting that I have to attend, leave to pick up ds#2 and then return to meeting and dd #1 has a pizza party at pizza hut for her basketball team winning which I have no idea how I'm going to get her there. Saturday I need to get assorted boys home and we have two basketball practices. Ok, I'm tired just thinking about it. This is the last week for dd#2's basketball team and #2 and #3's should be over in a couple weeks. That will just leave ds playing on the school team. Dd #1 has decided to not do track and be in drama instead. Just as many practices I'm sure but no sitting at track meets or waiting to pick her up from the bus. Ok, this turned into a big vent. It's not that I mind anything they do, I just always feel so time pressured because if you're driving around in the evening all the homework, housework, cooking, laundry, errands must be done before about 5:00. We could become hermits I suppose but I know none of us (except maybe dh, who refuses to leave the house) would like it.

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Paula said...

This is my life too. I know a lot of TOK families limit their kids' # of activities, but we feel that they shouldn't be limited because there a lot of them. I do think many families overbook kids, and we try not to, but it's hard because they attend religious ed (not a choice) and we value both sports and music. Sports are very time consuming--practices + games. At least music the lesson is once a week and practicing takes place at home.

I can't tell you how I'm dreading the beginning of the outdoor soccer season, when the oldest 3 will have 2 practices a week plus one game, in addition to religious ed and music lessons. Dd #4 has piano lessons also. In the fall it led to me screwing up twice and either forgetting someone entirely or going to the wrong place on the wrong day! At least dh picks up kids who are done after 6pm on his way home.

Think of it this way--by the time they are all old enough to be in activities, one or 2 will be driving!