Monday, February 28, 2005


So here we are almost in March, and we're due to get 8" of snow tonight. Yuck! Phooey! Blech! I'm longing for crocuses and we're getting more snow. Not how I wanted to start the week. I also have decided that swimsuit season is fast approaching so I should at least make an effort at not embarrasing myself or my progeny at the beach. I'm wearing a size 10 jeans right now and I know my swimsuit is an 8 (unless I want to wear my maternity swimsuit which I'm not thrilled about). There is no getting around it, I'll have to diet. Another Yuck, Phooey, Blech. I like to eat darn it. We'll see how it goes. I'll track my calories over at fitday. Usually if I can keep it to about 1800 cal/day I lose. I know you're now thinking, "hey I thought she was a dietitian, this should be easy for her." It just means I KNOW how bad my eating habits are, not that it's easy to change them. My perfect eating day would be coffee and donuts, coffee, coffee, coffee, nachos and beer, pizza and beer, cake. I don't eat that way but I sure wish I could!


ma said...

Yum! Except I'd take a cooler over the beer. I haven't drank beer since it was free at the college married resident parties.

Chris said...

Now I am hungry! LOL
ANd I want a beer, or a cooler. My new favorite drink is mike's hard lemonade... yum.

It's hard to be motivated to fit in to summer clothes when there is a SNOW storm though.

Jody said...

You and me both! I have been working out at least 3 times/week, but unless I start eating better, my size will not be a-changin'!

Beeeeeer, mmmmmmmmmmm.