Sunday, February 20, 2005

The Weekend

Dh and I went to Lowe's (his favorite store I think) and got rollers, brushes, etc so I can paint the kitchen this week. We also found a nice small vanity with sink for $100. We need small because it would give us more room in the bathroom. The plan is to buy a thing each paycheck. We'll get the fixtures, then the new toilet, maybe a light, a new medicine cabinet then maybe this summer we can work on the bathroom. We'll see. Things have a way of not working out exactly like they were planned on paper. Saturday night we took S,C and L to a skating/birthday party. E watched F and L. Since we were in town and we would have had to turn around right away if we drove home, we had Chinese for dinner. It was something we hardly ever do so it was nice.
Today the boys had a basketball tourney game. They lost, so civic center basketball is over just leaving us with S's school team for now. Of course, I met a friend of mine leaving the game. She and her husband run the baseball league and she handed me the forms so in a couple short months I'll be standing at a ball diamond instead of sitting on a bleacher. I don't have climatic season's anymore, I have sports seasons.
I updated my food blog for this week. This week I hope to: paint kitchen, paint cabinets, touch up wood putty spots in bedroom and mud room. Eventually I'd also like to get to the dining room (in which we will never dine) E and L's rooms also need painted. Maybe by the end of summer.

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Jodi said...

I just wanted to leave a little comment to say Hi!

My name is Jodi. I found your blog through Jody (and baby makes 6).

I had to laugh as I read through your posts. We have five kids all under the age of 9 and we are deep in the middle of a bathroom remodel. You can see pics on my blog.