Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Virus has left the building

at least for the most part. I don't feel so hot but I don't seem to have any sick days in my contract so....The weather hasn't been helping my mood either. It got warm and rainy and after 3 days finally melted all the snow. I was getting in the mindset that after it was gray for awhile Spring might put in an appearance but of course I woke to snow again. Spring is such a tease.
Tomorrow L will go to her first sleep over party. That poor mother has no idea what she's in for. I can only hope she doesn't do anything that would result in our having to move far, far away. The Pinewood Derby is Sunday. Hey, I guess we should start on those. It is not a father/son bonding experience here. It is a mom trying not to take her finger off with a hacksaw and slapping some paint on it experience. Maybe I can just talk them into sticking the wheels on the square block of wood. It would be futuristic don't you think? Hopefully they won't be too embarrassed.

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