Monday, February 07, 2005

The Barking of Tiny Throats

The really great thing about croup is....ok, I can't think of a really great thing about croup. Unless you like the sound of Harp Seals or something. C started feeling better but F woke me up Saturday night with a decidedly blue tinge to his lips and nails. So I spent more time in the world's smallest, steamy bathroom. When E got up Saturday her eye looked like it had been replaced by a beet. Off to Redi-Med we go. It wasn't pink eye, she had scratched her cornea. We had to return Sunday but it looks like we can avoid a trip to the ophthamoloigist. Now the argument is to convince her to wear her glasses since contacts are out for awhile. Ah, the vanity of a 7th grader. On the bright side, S's party Friday night was a success. Today is one of those days that can even depress a Pollyanna like me. Gray-check, muddy-check, snow melted down to show how dirty it is-check. This calls for tea and fresh chocolate chip cookies. Hey, it's cheaper than prozac!

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