Saturday, February 26, 2005


Just thought I'd lead off with a little Bay City Rollers in the title.
I've debated whether to even mention the flap over another blogger's Duggar family comments. I'm afraid I found the whole thing interesting in a "can't turn away from the car crash" kind of way. The original post was sort of snarky but was meant as humor. Lots of mud got thrown both ways after that. What it really made me wonder was how other's are perceiving me just from the blog. Hmmm, lots of kids, goes to church---she must be one of those wild-eyed fundamentalists. Hmmmm lots of kids, swears and drinks----she must be one of those welfare types that expect me to support her. Neither one is true but it is so much easier to pigeonhole people. Then after you've neatly categorized you can move on. A human failing I guess.
I've mostly been working on painting the kitchen this week. I also finally got blinds and hung them in the boys' rooms. I bought E a bed frame and mattress. It should be delivered on Monday. She's been sleeping on the floor. Before you accuse me of child abuse, there are two perfectly good beds upstairs, she chose the floor in the downstairs bedroom. She really wanted a couch, not a bed, but it wouldn't fit with the closet jutting out so... mean mom finally decided to move her off dead center and get the bed. She can put it against the wall with pillows and approximate a couch. S went to spend the night with a friend. L,C and F got some movies from the library and are planning a "movie party" complete with Dots and Snowcaps.
In the mean time, I think I'll pull out some of those "big CD's", which is what my 3yr old calls records, and jam to the Bay City Rollers!!!!!

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ma said...

I saw the post but I ignored the comments. I didn't like the Duggars. I don't agree with QF but I'm pg with my 11th. I found the post slightly offensive anyway but it sure beats the typical stuff that first time mothers come up with lol. I guess I'm ready to give up reading her blog.

You might not be doing an exercise dvd but you sure are getting lots of stuff done. Yesterday was the first day I did something extra since starting to exercise. I got some sewing done (despertly needed sewing to lol). I was so happy to get something done. It's worn off now. It's a new day.

Catherine (Bread in the Oven)