Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Eleven Years Ago

S was born. I went to work that day and was fine. Picked up dd after work, gave her dinner, put her to bed and made a big bowl of spaghetti. About 9:30 OUCH!. I tried to track down dh, waited for him to get home from work, made it to the hospital about 11:00 and he arrived at 11:30. Just under the wire for Groundhog's Day. Which gave me the best line of the delivery "I don't care if he sees his shadow or not, he's NOT going back."

S fancies himself quite amusing (and he really can be funny in a dry sort of way). He is tall and wiry. He plays sports but is only fair at them. His true passion is his imagination. He lives in a world of Yugioh, The Rings Trilogy and other places of his own devising. Thank God he hasn't discovered D&D yet. When he does I know he'll be obsessed. He has yet to develop the annoying teenage tendencies of his sister. Care if he showers? Care if his hair is standing up? No way! He will have 3 friends stay over Friday night. They will be swimming (which I hope wears them out some) eating pizza and drinking Mountain Dew, playing gamecube, dueling with Yugioh cards and watching movies. Apparently, at least for my 11 year old, this will be as close to heaven as he can get this side of the grave.


Bernadette said...

What a sweet smile on that handsome young eleven year old! My Betsy is the same age. How do you feel about arranged marriages?! ;~) Here's to a heavenly birthday!

ma said...

Happy Birthday S! 11 is a great age.