Monday, February 14, 2005

My Snotty Valentine

Ah, the mucus marathon!! What fun. It is my fervent hope that runny noses are the last stage of the croup,fever,laryngitis extravaganza. Now I just need to buy another gross of tissues until it passes. I have a horrible confession to make too. This virus has given oldest dd horrible canker sores. Great big huge quarter size ones. I gave her tylenol with codeine last night. I figured if it didn't help with the pain it would at least put her to sleep and relieve my pain. Because even though I know it hurts, her whining was about to drive me around the bend!!! When her mood turns a bit south, as from pain, she brings up every injustice in her life. You may be interested to know that she always gets the smallest pancake, her opinion is repeatedly ignored, I don't know how to raise young children, and that she has no recollection that I ever made her heart shaped peanut butter sandwiches as a young child. I didn't think you'd be interested but you can now understand the dose of codeine.

On brighter notes, L attended her first sleepover party on Friday. No phone calls in the middle of the night. She now declares she is ready for camp this summer. I'm not sure I'm ready to send my 6yo off for a week.

S and C raced their cars in the Pinewood Derby this weekend. They finished firmly in the middle of the pack. I will say, however, that their cars were obviously the only kid constructed ones in the race. They were really, really obviously the only kid constructed ones in the race. I of course forgot my camera, as I was trying to bake treats, set up tables, fill balloons, find get the idea. It doesn't pay to be efficient because others gladly expect you'll do what needs to be done.

I remembered that I said I'd send cookies to L's kindergarten for the Valentine's Party today. I really hate starting cookies at 9pm. I pretty much like to sit down by 9pm and only get up to go to bed. I just made chocolate chip but I added "sprinkles" to make them festive. Kids don't like heart shaped, exquisitely decorated cookies anyway...right? right???

The brightest note... today at 2:30 I have a massage scheduled. My dh,( yes it is really him not a pod person as was my first thought) scheduled one for me. I am going to enjoy that hour. I will not make lists in my head, I will not feel guilty, I will not plan the week ahead. I'm going to enjoy this darn it. Now if I just don't fall asleep once I get horizontal!!!

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Jody said...

Oh, I totally am in touch with your Pinewood Derby experience. When my son made his car for his very first Derby race and we got there, I was inwardly mortified for him. All the other kids cars were perfect, streamline and fast. Cory's was made by him with a bit of help from us. He was so proud of it. It was very sweet, but so obviously made by a 6yo. I was furious at the others, because it was soooo obvious that the parents made the cars!! We understood that the kids were to do it with a bit of help from the parents.

Cory never verbalized dismay or disappointment in how his car did. He was just so proud of having made it himself!