Friday, February 18, 2005

More Accomplishments

For whatever reason I was still feeling full of youthful vigor and promise today so for fun I recaulked the tub. This entailed removing the old caulk and scraping mildew. You may remember we have the world's smallest bathroom, and not only is it small but it's unventilated, thus the mildew. I figured if I was already wet and gross might as well scrub, scrub,scrub the tub. That was so much fun I drug out the carpet cleaner and did the floor. Why the previous owners carpeted a bathroom is beyond me. Perhaps they didn't have six kids. It was....let's say odorous and unpleasant, but it is now clean. Not sure where this working mood came from.

Tonight dd and her friends have gone to a middle school dance. I think dh is not quite comfortable with her looking nice and going to a dance. I went to a Cub Scout meeting and filled in time by letting them arm wrestle each other and me. At least I can still beat the 10 and 11 yos. It's always good to leave them thinking you could potentially hurt them, LOL!

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ma said...

Go Lisa go!!

I love it when I just get the urge to get stuff done.