Thursday, July 22, 2004

Back Home Again...

OK, we never actually left Indiana but you get the idea. After 3 days at an amusement park/water park we are home. I am now officially exhausted. Dh very "generously" offerred to watch the 3 littlest while I went with the 3 older ones on rides, etc. Then when I was good and tired he offerred to switch. He lost the 3 year old twice (grr). He also took the oldest two back to the park for late night fun while I stayed in the room with cranky little kids. I very carefully made sure all the children and dh applied sunscreen and (DUH!) forgot to put some on me so I was the one who got sunburned. I also took my camera and then forgot to take one single picture. Hey at least I can't bore you with pics of my vacation. ;-) The kids really had fun though. Even C, my 8yo, who is never visibly pleased announced he was happy. He is never happy. So that in itself was worth the hassle. We managed to arrive home in the middle or a huge thunderstorm. We lost power at 11:00 (darn, can't finish the laundry tonight) and it came back on at 5:27 this morning. I know this because everything that had been on suddenly kicked back to life. Scared the bejeebers out of me. We had to be up at 6:00 anyway to deliver E and S's 4-H projects for judging. We didn't stay for judging though because I had to take S to the doctor. He managed to get swimmer's ear and a secondary infection on top of it. Hmmm, why do I think sending him to camp next week to swim in a lake/pond might not be such a good idea. Well that about covers my mundane, middle class, middle american vacation. Now I need to rest up for the next expedition whenever that may be.

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