Friday, July 16, 2004

Kitchen Conversation

Ds 8 made breakfast for dd5 and ds3 this morning. I heard him from the bedroom.
C I want more milk!
C I want more syrup!
Where's the fork?
Can I have a napking?
I want another waffle!
Me too!

Geez you guys, no wonder mom's so grumpy!

LOL, and I thought they were just inconsiderate to me.

Not too much else happened today. E got her haircut and then had me highlight it. She seems happy with it (which is good because if she started whining about it I would have had to snatch her bald.)
The three boys have complained I only ever e-mail or post pictures of the girls so I'm endeavoring to be fair and include them. This was taken outside church camp while we were waiting to pick up their sister. The two oldest boys go to camp in two weeks. The quiet will probably drive me crazy....after 24 hours or so.

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