Friday, July 09, 2004


Only I could manage to get a bee sting on my thigh. I was picking up pool toys outside this afternoon. It looked like it was going to rain and I didn't want them to blow away. I picked up the beach ball and somehow managed to mash a bee or wasp on my thigh. Ouch!! It still hurts. It was a pretty stinky day all around. The morning was consumed with errands. Pick up materials for 4-H projects, return a swimsuit I was sure would fit dd but didn't, get some groceries and drop off some important papers. I had my six and the girl I babysit for. They were picking at each other the whole time. That is not a big deal but it does get on your nerves. This afternoon dd worked on 4-H projects. She did make progress but oh the whining and complaining getting there. I wanted to go to the drive in tonight but it looks like the weather is not on my side. Maybe tomorrow?!

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