Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Adventure Begins

This is what is left of our back porch and patio. It has taken two and a half very large dumpsters and lots of noise to get to this point. While I'm really looking forward to the finished product I'm sure the next couple months are going to drive me crazy. They did fill in the old cistern in the back which puts my mind at rest about that at least. I was always afraid one of the kids would find a way to fall in it.
Next week they will be tearing off our current utility room. It is really an old porch someone put chipboard around. Not pretty but I will be without a washer and dryer. I can hardly wait to make trips to the laundromat, YUCK!

I have been trying for the last couple of weeks to get up early and walk before the baby and the little kids get up. This means walking at 5:30am. I'm waiting for that energy boost that comes from being in shape. I must be very out of shape because all I feel is a need for a nap.

Since we have a dumpster available I have been trying to weed out the garage. Last spring it flooded so things are moldy and muddy. Truly disgusting. I have also been trying to decide whether to save some baby stuff. I probably won't ever need it again but I have never gotten rid of baby stuff. I'm not sure I'm constitutionally able to do it. Afterall, dh might feel less old one of these evenings and my soon to be 42 year old body might cooperate.

I need to go through boxes of things from the garage. I have found 4-H and sporting ribbons, my old school letters, photo albums. Maybe I'll spread it out, take a digi pic of it and get rid of the real thing. What is a middle aged woman doing hanging on to basketball and gymnastic ribbons for?? Inertia I guess. And I thought I reduced when we moved four years ago.

Well, back to the black hole of a garage. If I never post again you'll know where to look for me.....

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Griffmama said...

OK, so I'm reading your note about a cooperative soon to be 42 year old body.... are you planning on number 7?? I'm still not 100% sure about number 2!!