Thursday, July 15, 2004

I Should Have Stayed In Bed

Ok, it's only noon and I've wreaked destruction all morning in my effort to be productive. I started mowing at 7:00. That was great except I hit the top of the sewer tap and sheared it off. Ooops! Dh will not be happy. I'll try to convince him that the galvanized bucket adds charm to the side yard. I came in and shampooed the bathroom carpet, hung out the towels, threw in more laundry and then tried to fold up the octagonal play yard thing. It snapped, another oops. So, I went to run errands...and scraped up the wheel cover thing. I would just go back to bed and start over but I need to shower and take ds S and ds C to the dentist, oh yeah and make a list of things needed for our vacation, and take everything out of the freezer so I can move it when the contractor comes, probably next week when I'm on said vacation...sigh. And move all the rest of the stuff off the back porch and get dd to her double header softball game at 5:00. That will eat up the whole evening until 9:00. Well tomorrow is another day (that was my best Scarlett imitation by the way :-) )

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ma said...

Ugg what a day! Hope today is better. Well it has to be right that day sounds hard to beat lol