Monday, July 05, 2004

Catching Up on a Busy Weekend

Well, nothing like starting a blog and then not writing for days. But I had a reason I swear! This past weekend was our little town's summer festival. It coincides with the 4th of July every year. So.. on Thursday evening we went to the park to watch the kids' baseball coaches in an exhibition/pick up game and stayed to watch the fireworks. Friday evening was the parade. My dh worked so I took the littlest two to watch the oldest four. Of course I then had to shell out money so they could walk around with their friends. It's always a good time and a great opportunity to catch up with people you haven''t seen in awhile. Saturday the oldest two had to help with the 4-H cakewalk and I took the youngest four to the kiddie carnival. It was HOT!! We came home and had popsicles and got in the pool. Saturday evening a rodeo was scheduled. I looked out and decided it was going to rain and having all six at a crowded rodeo in the rain didn't sound like fun. My oldest dd still wanted to go so she got a ride with a friend. Sure enough it poured. She came home an hour and a half later totally soaked. Ah, youth. Sunday was a community church service, water ball fights and kid's games in the fire hose. We of course let off our own fireworks/sparklers/bottle rockets etc at night. A good end to a holiday and festival. Today I took my ten year old ds to a friend's house to stay until they are tired of him. I took the opportunity to stop at Walmart and buy all the stuff I never seem to get bought. Tomorrow the girl I babysit will be back and things should be back to normal, or what passes for normal here anyway.

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