Sunday, July 25, 2004

Leaving For Camp

I need to take S and C to camp tomorrow. They are packed and ready. E is staying the night with a friend tonight. It would seem (if I were the paranoid type) that my children can't wait to get out of here.

We went to the 4-H fair today to check on the kids' projects. They did really well, lots of blue ribbbons and even a couple special merit ribbons.

I have been trying to be more productive around here. I hate things getting away from me around the house but I also hate not getting to play on my 'puter. I think I have become blog addicted. I am now more caught up on strangers lives than I am my family. That is probably very sick, or geeky, or both!

What babysitting gig starts again tomorrow, P has to go back to work, and I have to get out of my little vacation frame of mind where it's just me and P and the kids, which is just how I like it. Now that I have sickened all my single childless friends who are wondering how I became so sappy and insipid I will go to bed :-P

F has that manly pose down and L looks like such a pris (which she is NOT)

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