Sunday, July 18, 2004

Summer Sunday

It was a pretty lazy Sunday here. We got home from church and after a sandwich all the kids went out to play. I sat on the swing and watched them swim and swing and play football and blow bubbles. For half and hour or so I was convinced that perhaps they will grow up to be interesting adults with close ties to their siblings, then they reverted to type, fighting and arguing and I was once more sure that we are way more "Roseanne" than the "Waltons". I came back in to start packing for our trip. We are to leave tomorrow at 7:00. I really want to leave by 8:00 so I'm saying 7:00 so we get out on time. The rest of my afternoon was spent packing clothes, food, medicines, etc. I remember being 20 and leaving for the weekend with just a clean pair of underwear in my purse. Ah, those carefree days are gone. The oldest 3 did pack for themselves but I knew I'd have to check it. Sure enough, dss 10 and 8 had cds and players, game boys, yuhioh cards, a deck of regular cards and a t-shirt a piece . When I came back down stairs I found Mel at the back door. Her expression was clear that if she could just get that door open she'd be outside too.

That's all for now. I'm leaving you with a pic of my wildflowers. It's sort of like a test pattern. It's a little humbling to remember test patterns, lol!

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