Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Get Sick or How To Lose Your Home to Chaos

I have been sick since Sunday evening with a kidney infection. Ack!! While I laid around the kids played and played and played which was good. Of course laundry, cleaning, etc fell far behind. Now that I am up I'll need to bring the house out of its spin into entropy. I didn't feel up to going to 8yo ds's baseball game last night. Of course it was the game where he got hit in the eye with a ball. He has a heck of a shiner. Every game I do go to nothing happens. It must not be our family's week either because 12yo dd got hit by a pitch at softball. But hey, she did get a base.
All the playing and swimming did have one good effect on 5yo dd, she fell asleep outside playing.

and of course the baby continued to be cute

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ma said...

Nice pics! I like these blogs if just for the pics once in a while.

Yikes on the kidney infection. Hope you are feeling better.