Sunday, July 11, 2004

Biscuits and More

Hmmm, how does the weekend disappear so quickly? Saturday was biscuits, biscuits and more biscuits. Somehow 4-H always sounds like a good experience in March and by July when they are trying to get all the projects done perfectly it stinks? (And why does everything involve turning the oven on to 450 degrees when it's ninety outside.) The oldest two spent almost all day working. I finally got groceries. As a reward we went to the drive-in to see Shrek II and Harry Potter. It was lots of fun except for the mosquitoes and 5yo dd throwing up. She did manage to do it in a shopping bag and not on the van seat so that was at least a plus.
I taught Sunday School today. We only have to teach every third month and I have the 3-6 yo so it's not too taxing. I worked on Mt. Washmore today. Got everyone's sheets and all the towels washed while I could hang them to dry. Of course they were all done for about 2 minutes until everyone got back in the pool. So here it is Sunday evening already. It seems like I should have more to show for a weekend.

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